Landscaping, paving and terraces

In order to obtain the best results for your terrace, pathway or driveway, concrete pavers or natural stones would best meet your needs due to their versatility and styles. The design, preparation, and installation of these paving stone areas must be done by a specialized expert in order to achieve optimal results.

Regardless of the type of pavers chosen to cover the area, there are steps that must be followed. A properly constructed foundation and an expert installation will increase the durability and stability of your project.


Enhance the landscaping of your property

There are many advantages to using concrete pavers for your landscaping. Firstly stone pavers and natural stone come in a wide variety of colors, styles and formats. In addition, the right choice of pavers with the proper installation will require virtually no maintenance. We use products from many manufacturers of outdoor products such as Techo-Bloc, Permacon, and Rinox. They offer a diverse collection of styles, textures and colors to meet all your needs.

They are designed according to rigorous industry testing to assure the highest in quality and durability for all the products. Natural stone has many benefits for a terrace, driveway or pathway. These have been used since ancient times in cities and are very popular in the old cities of Europe. It enhances and gives elegance and authenticity to a garden path. There are all shapes, sizes and colors, which gives a natural touch to your landscaping.


Asphalt laying for residential or commercial parking

Asphalt paving may be the another choice for your garage or parking area. Terrassement Euro offers all its customers a high quality product and a high quality installation, guaranteed to last a long time. Whether it is for paving your parking lot or asphalt resurfacing, contact us and we will be happy to answer your needs and your budget.

Improper asphalt installation can deform, crack and become damaged after a single winter. If your new pavement is properly installed, it should have a long service life with minimal maintenance.

Whether you are looking for a quality or sustainable solution to respect your budget, Terrassement Euro can respond adequately to all your needs by offering you a quality installation and product.