Planting and laying of grass

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Landscaping, planting trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals

Landscapers of Terrassement Euro love their job and take great care in choosing quality for each tree, shrub or plant that is planted. We carefully choose the planting potting mix suitable for the plants and your land. In addition, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality plants, trees and shrubs with all the attention they deserve. We have as a quality supplier such as the Brossard Garden Center and Déco Jardin, specialist in landscaping materials, horticultural and garden products.

Planting trees and shrubs

Unfortunately, at many garden centers, nurseries and even some landscapers, don’t follow plantation rules for trees and shrubs or are poorly applied. Sometimes they are inexperienced, ignorant or downright incompetent. It is important that for your tree or shrubs to grow well to apply the plantation rules. For example, it is important to have the right plant in the right lighting, to plant during the right time of year and to follow the right planting steps for example.

Perennials and annuals to beautify your property

With a landscaping quality, filled with perennials or annuals, your land will become a dream place to enjoy the joys of summer and relax with family or friends.

To call upon Terrassement Euro as your landscaper would among other things ensure that you will have a beautiful, harmonious landscaping that will prosper year after year. It’s also one of the best investments you can make for your home. Indeed, the skills of a professional landscaper, his creativity in design and his thorough knowledge of the trade will give you many benefits for your home and your wallet.

Landscape-laying sod

Sod installation (lawn) done by professionals

As you know, when we do something for the first time, even with good intentions, it’s always takes longer and inexperience sometimes pushes us to make mistakes. We has been laying a lot of grass in rolls every summer for more than 20 years. We are well versed in all the steps and techniques to apply for successful sod installation. From the preparation of the ground, the equipment to use, to laying the sod. We then give you the steps to maintain it.

The advantages of sod installation by professionals

It is possible to install grass during the summer season, but it is better to avoid periods of frost or heat. The result of laying sod in rolls is instantaneous, the ground is immediately covered with a green coating, abundant and perfectly cut. There is no forbidden space for months. It is possible to fully use your lawn after a couple of weeks. The result is clean and harmonious. There are no weeds or scattered patches without lawn. In addition, for sloping terrain, the laying of grass in a roll is quite appropriate.

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