Landscaping your pool or spa

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Earthmoving Landscape-pool

Landscaping your pool

With Terrassement Euro, your pool or spa will be perfectly integrated and in harmony with your yard. We will take care of all the work of terraces or patio pavers or slab that will delight you, your family and your guests.

You will find landscaping in many styles, contemporary in-ground pool, backyard of a suburban area, a relaxation area, Zen style, modern or uncluttered. We can, according to your desires, enrich your landscaping with rock stones, landscape lighting, plantation (grasses, shrubs, perennials), and much more.

For a professional landscaping of water features at your home. For a result that is both amazing and personalized, entrust the realization of your project to Terrassement Euro. According to your desires and needs, we will create the perfect water garden for you: waterfall for your pools in contemporary design or influenced by nature. You will have a quality service that meets your expectations.

The creators assimilate water in a variety of ways in landscaping. As a result, a cascading waterfall can end up in your swimming pool or in your water basin having a natural appearance highlighted with rocks or natural stones.

Earthmoving Landscape-pool
Earthmoving Landscape-pool spa montreal

Creating fountains or water cascades

As you can see in the examples of water basin, waterfall, water garden or fountain, We can design an aquatic oasis that will enhance the value of your home. Whether using rocks and riverstone for the banks, planting around the pond and waterfalls, the use of aquatic plants, setting up landscape lighting or the creation of a footbridge in wood leading to a relaxing terrace.

A water fountain offer the advantage of covering unwanted sounds and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Depending on your needs, We will ensure that your water is in harmony with the ambiance of your home, your expectations and your budget.