Support wall with Terrassement Euro


We are experts in the construction of retaining walls, whether for decorative purposes, to maximize outdoor space, and solutions to elevation issues of your property.

For a stone wall or support wall to hold, it must be done by professionals experienced and knowledgeable in the construction of these types of walls. Following all industry regulations is a must, taking into consideration climate, environment and the nature of the terrain.

Take the time to meet the owner! Whether you already have some ideas in mind or want to let us fully organize your project, we will work with you to carry out all your work to your satisfaction.


A wide choice of materials for different types of retaining walls

There are a wide range of stones available whether is to construct a load bearing wall, decorative border, flower beds. We use a variety of high-quality, long-life materials that are designed, manufactured and installed in compliance with industry standards and norms.

In summary, whether for practical reasons, efficiency reasons or decorative aspects related to your landscaping, this will add character and value to your home.

Among our achievements, you can see examples of retaining wall achievements.